Steroids for Acne

One of the many side effects of steroids is acne. People who suffer steroid acne are usually covered with pimples on their chest, back and face. It appears as tiny follicular papules like rashes without the comedones like whiteheads and blackheads.

How does steroids cause acne? Steroids increase the androgen levels in your body which causes greater oil production by your sebaceous glands. When there is too much oil in your pores, it breeds a bacteria called P. acnes which causes acne.

Acne caused by steroids is no different with acne caused by hormones since androgen is a hormone in our body too. However, steroid acne appear so much worse and can be classified as severe. Sometimes taking steroids is unavoidable for some people. Individuals who have asthma and allergies are usually under steroid prescription. During the period of their medication, acne might not be treatable since steroids intake is a must. But there are some ways to somehow control your acne. Here are some tips:

Observe proper hygiene at all times. This might not eliminate acne but it can keep it from worsening. You know that your acne is caused by steroids and by accumulating dirt you can worsen your skin condition. Wash the affected parts twice a day only. Washing it for more than two times will only dry off your skin. Dry skin is more prone to acne breakouts. Avoid touching the affected area with your hands and keep your hair off your face. Also, wipe off sweat during workouts.

Read the labels of your skincare products. Always opt for the water-based and the non-comedogenic ones. This avoids adding extra oil n your skin and clogging. For women, pick your cosmetics well. It might be necessary to cover up those acne sometimes but then going bare sometimes is advisable. Keep your sponges and brushes clean too and change them regularly. Accumulated dirt on your things can be transferred on your skin and can make your acne worse.

Watch your diet. Eat foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients like vitamin A, B and C. These three are known to be of great help in clearing acne. Consider taking zinc to keep acne at bay. Regulate your blood sugar levels by avoiding foods that are full of empty sugar.

Consult your doctor. There are some medicines that can be taken with your steroids. But before taking any of them, ask for professional advice first. This avoids complications and risks on your health.